Where’s Spot

Spot is a well known puppy character created by Eric Gordon Hill OBE ( 7 September 1927 – 6 June 2014). He was  a popular author and illustrator of children’s picture books. His works have been widely praised because the works have been contributed to children literacy.

Where's Spot

Where’s Spot was the first book of Spot series and had been created for his son, Christopher. In this book, the story begins when Mama Spot is looking for Spot, because it is Spot’s dinner time. She has searched everywhere, starting from; behind the door, in the clock, under the stairs, and so on, before she’s finally found Spot in the basket.

The story and the illustration are simple, yet they are very appealing especially for young readers. My experiences of teaching have shown me, that children from 1 up to 8 years old, love this book. They even want to read it again and again.

Using this book as a reading material has given children, in a wide range of age, different learning experiences. Children from 1 up to 3 years old enjoy doing the quest to look for Spot by lifting the flaps in the book. Through this activity, they learn about animal’s names, things and prepositions. Children from 4 up to 5 years old can read the story by themselves because there’s only one sentence in every pages with big font which is suitable and comforting for young readers eye.

Reading the book has given me fun moments with my students, because the illustrations and the type of the book make me want to create funny noises and voices such as; making the knock at the door sound and different kind of animal’s voices. These usually make my students entertained and wanted to do the same as I do. Even sometimes they create their own version of noises and voices. To make it more fun, I usually arrange my intonation as if I’m asking them to do a secret quest or urgent quest to look for Spot. By being creative and improvising the story, they usually get more excited, make them want to read and know more about the animals, also want to do the quest many times without getting bored. By doing this, they actually learn new words and understand prepositions without they realize it. So, they can have fun and learn at the same time. I think it’s a good way of learning for children.

That’s Where’s Spot book. A book with simple story and well illustrated picture, enjoyable for young children and also for adults (It can bring our inner child out. At least, it does for me 🙂 ). It’s  never boring to be read over and over. 🙂

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