Steps to Calm Ourselves Before Dealing with Children

There are moments when we embrace our children’s cuteness, innocent, smiles and laughter. We felt the joy, love and warmth for them. But, there are also moments we don’t know how to put up with their behaviors. We wonder why sometimes they do all the things which make us want to shout and be angry. In times like this, we may lose our patience and get angry easily. As human being with emotion,  it’s actually normal to feel that way. However, we really have to try hard to control our emotion and think twice before losing our control. It’s because being emotional  won’t make the situation better and children may have negative feeling as well which will lead to tantrum. And, this will be more difficult to handle. Well, it’s easy to say, but in practical it may not be as easy as it sounds.

There are steps we can do to calm ourselves at the times when it’s hard to control our emotion:

  • First step, stop for a while and not say anything to our children. Take our time to calm ourselves. Do anything which will make us calm. It can be like taking a deep breath, being silent, etc. Keep doing the thing until we feel calm. This will be good to less the possibility of we burst our anger to children.
  • Second, think of the reason why we’re angry.  It’s very important to find out why we’re being angry of a situation. Knowing the reason will make us able to think of something to deal with our feeling. This can make us calmer than with what we do at the first step. After we feel calmer and better, we will be able to think rationally. And this makes us able to think of the reason why our children do what they do or being empathetic with them. It’s important to do this because it means we look at the situation not from our side only but them as well. That way, we can make decision of how to deal with the situation which will solve the problems in a way that will balance the need of children and us.
  • Third, which is supposedly done in another time, not at the time where a situation is occurred, occasionally give ourselves me time. Take time to relax and do things we like. It’s important to do, too. It can give positive energy and make us happy. When we’re happy, we will make our children happy, too.

There  are reasons why we need to be calm and not being emotional in dealing situation with children. The reasons are:

  • When we’re angry, we may say things or make decision which may not be suitable for children’s development.
  • We are our children’s role model. If we often deal the situations angrily, children will follow what we do. This cause lots of negative feelings and these feelings can affect children’s learning process.

We wouldn’t want those to happen, would we? Therefore, keep in mind before we deal with our children, we have to deal with our emotion first. Only by doing this, we can make the best decision which will be good for our children’s development.


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