Tearing Paper Activity Stage 1

In previous post, it is written that children tear paper in different ways. If we order them, the differences will show the stages of tearing paper. In stage one, children will tear paper by grabbing the paper with both hands on the right and left sides of the paper. This way actually shows that children’s fingers muscles aren’t strong enough to tear paper.

Considering this, if children are still in stage one, it’s better if we give soft paper or thin paper, so children will tear the paper easily.

After we prepare the suitable paper, just let them tear the paper. However, though tearing paper is fun, especially if it’s the first time our children do it, the excitement will fade out soon. Therefore, we have to make it more exciting by combining it with another activity.

Below is some tearing paper activities suitable for children who are on the first stage of tearing paper:

1. Tearing paper to make paper pulp

We don’t want the torn paper to be wasted, do we? So let children to throw the torn paper onto the bowl of water.


Then let them squeze the paper inside the bowl until it changes into pulp.

Combination of both activities will make them excited as most children love playing water whenever they’ve given the chance to do it. After that use the pulp to make many creation such as recycled paper or paper pulp craft.

2. Paste the torn paper

We can find many kid’s craft related with tearing paper. If our children are on the first stage of tearing paper, choose the simple tearing paper activity. Look at the examples below!

Those are the tearing paper activities in stage one where children have to tear the paper and then do another activity using the torn paper such as squeezing or pasting them.

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3 Stages of Tearing Paper

Tearing paper is a fun and simple activity for young children. It’s also good to exercise children’s fine motor muscles. Therefore, it’s great if we occasionaly let children do the activity.

But do you know that, if you pay attention to children’s fingers while they tear paper, they will tear the paper in different kind of ways. Here are the ways you may see:

  1. Tear  by grabbing the paper with both hands on the left and right sides of the paper.   
  2. Tear by holding the paper with fingers of both hands on the left and right sides of the paper.
  3. Tear by holding the paper with thumb and forefinger of each hands on the left and right sides of the paper.                          

And do you know that the differences in tearing the paper actually show the strength of children’s fine motor muscles in stages. Here are how each ways show the strength:

  • The first way mentioned above means that the child’s fingers muscles are not strong enough to tear the paper. That’s why he needs to grab the paper to tear it. 
  • The second way means that the fingers’ muscles has been stronger than the first one to tear the paper. 
  • The third way means that the child’s fingers has been strong and ready to tear paper in anyway she needs to.

Knowing the stages of tearing paper is important because it will make us able to

  • Prepare the paper which is suitable with children’s strength to be torn. For example, give the soft or thin paper when children are in the first stage. By doing so, they will be able to tear the paper easily which will make them feel fun and happy doing it. And this will make them want to do it more than once. As they often doing so, their muscles will be strengthen. Then, we can gradually give the harder and thicker paper. This eventually will make them reach the second and the third stages.
  • Recognize children’s fine motor muscles strength. The recognition will make us able to figure out the kind of activities which is suitable and proper based on children’s ability. So we won’t give the activities which may still too difficult to do by our children.

That’s all about tearing paper activity. It’s not only fun for children but it can also show us how far our children’s fine motor muscles have developed. And this can be our basis to think of other activities which will develop our children’s ability even more.

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