Thinking Out of The Toy Factory’s Instruction

In holiday time, children stay at home all day long. It’s nice having them around. However, we sometimes hear our children whining and say,”I’m bored!” When we hear it, we may think how come they are bored with all the toys they have. Then we say to them to play with their toys but they refuse to do so and keep whining. And this starts to annoy us but we don’t know what to do.

A Bored Girl

To solve the problem, we need to think why our children don’t want to play their toys. When they are like this, they actually run out of ideas of what to do with their toys. They need new idea to play the toys they have. If this happens, what should we do? It’s easy! Just create new games with the toys they have.

For example, they have playdough and they have played it based on the instruction given by the factory. This is the time when they will be bored. Therefore, show them new ideas of making things with the playdough such as using cookie cutters to make new shapes/things which are different with the one provided in the playdough toy, creating animals, fruit and so much more. And this will make them be excited to play the playdough again.

It’s simple, isn’t it? So next time our children say that they are bored, don’t worry. Here what we can do:

  • Just be creative!

Think of more ideas than the original ones shown in the toys instructions. If we can’t think of ideas, just browse them online.

  • Show our children the new ideas and play with them for a while.

When we do this, they definitely will follow us. Later on, they will have their own ideas. Once they have those, they won’t let us to play. They will just ask us to watch them and see their creation. When they do this, we can just enjoy and relax.

  • Praise our children for the creation they have made.

This is an important part because our appraisal will make them want to create more. With many ideas in their mind they need to create, they won’t be bored at all

There you go! By thinking out of the toy factory’s instruction, children will be stimulated to be creative, so they won’t feel bored at all. And this will give us time to do our own activities or just relax watching our children play and grow by it.

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