About Childscastle

Childscastle was created to share things that matter for young children, especially in their learning. In the early years of life, children are having rapid development in all aspects of their life. Therefore, they have to deal with many challenges and changes in short of time. In order to deal with those, they have to learn fast which actually it’s accommodated and enabled by their brain development. The brain undergoes sensitive periods related with children’s senses alternately. During that time children act as if as a sponge. They absorbs everything which, unfortunately, is still unfiltered. They can not filter it due to their brain which is still developing.

Hence, it is our duty to filter things that matters for them. It’s not an easy task. Many aspects need to be considered in determining what are actually good for them. That’s why childscastle here. We try to give options of what are good – thoughts, ideas, ways or things – for children, in the hope those will help you in dealing with children. So, they will be well developed and bring out the best of them.

Welcome to childscastle πŸ™‚

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