6 Book Types for 4 Years Old Children

          Four years old children have expanded their curiosity to things beyond their daily environment (home and school). For example, when they learn that lion lives in Africa, they will be curious to find out more about Africa. They will ask a lot questions about it which seems endless. It’s because after they get the answer of their first question, they may ask another questions which is based from the new information they get. They are able to do that because their cognitive skills have developed  a lot since the age of three. At this age, they are able to absorb and process information faster than when they were three. And this enables them to think of many question in a short time.

          The condition can be the right moment to give different kinds of books with the ones given at the age of three. Here is the types of books which are suitable for 4 years old children:

  1. Informative books such as book about animals, plants, science, culture, places, transportation, etc.

Informative Books

Choose suitable book for 4 years old children. Therefore, the book’s language level won’t be too difficult to understand by 4 years old. After we read the book for them, it’s better to relate the information from the book with children’s surrounding. This can be done by asking questions such as whether they have seen what’s on the book, where they’ve seen it, what did they do when they saw it, etc. Then, it will be better, if we take children go outing to see what they’ve seen on the book (if it is possible as what we read on the book may exist at faraway place. Therefore, it’s impossible to visit).

2. Books which require children to do activities such as experimenting or making art and craft.

Science and Craft Books

These kinds of books usually have lots of pictures instead of the writing. Therefore, children can follow the instruction by looking at the pictures. Yet, it doesn’t mean they can do it by themselves, we still have to accompany them when they experimenting or making craft. Therefore, we can give explanation which they need to understand the science concept and supervise them, just in case there are some experiments or craft projects which still require adults supervision. Hence, give minimum help or guidance (only when it’s needed) and give them the maximum freedom to do the experiment and making craft independently. Doing the activities will give children more insight about the information they want to know.

3. First dictionary and encyclopedia.

My First Dictionary and Encyclopedia

As children getting new information from the reading or from doing experiment, they will hear new words or new concept. Another sources to get the word meaning or explanation  are from dictionary and encyclopedia. Teach children how to use them. At the age of 4, they usually have recognized alphabet. So, when they want to know a word meaning or information, teach them to recognize the first letter of the word/keywords (to look information from encyclopedia). Then, teach them to look for the letter at the index of the dictionary or encyclopedia. After they find the word meaning/ the information, we can read them.

4. Phonic Books

Phonic Books

At the age of four, children commonly have recognized the alphabets. Yet, they still don’t know that alphabets are basically the representation of the sound we bring out. So, it’s the right time to start learning phonics as this will be a basic to learn how to read. Therefore, give children phonics book set. It is usually leveled up from the basic to the advance. Always start giving children the book from the basic and level up the book when they have mastered each level.

5. Logical thinking and math books

Logical Thinking and Math Books

Children’s ability in logical thinking and math must have developed a lot since the age of three. It’s the right time to give books which can practice their logical thinking and math. These kinds of books is usually leveled up too. So, as phonic books, start from the basic and level up when they have mastered each level.

6. Literature Books

Story Books

Reading children story or rhyme is an activity we must keep doing. Hence, there are things we can do more after we read for 4 years old children. Ask them about the characters, the events in the story, what do they like or don’t like about the story or characters, etc. This can be a way to check whether they understand the story (reading comprehension). The ability to comprehend the story is very important as it’s needed when they learn how to read later.

Then, explain also to them about the part of the book itself such as: the title, the author, the publisher, chapter, page, etc. Knowing the part of the book is a good basic for further learning such as in writing lesson (in terms of making a writing, not in writing the alphabets)

          Those are the book types for 4 years old children. As children commonly have entered school at this age, it’s better to match some books with the ones given at school. Therefore, children will get more chance to comprehend the book they read. So, collect books which are suitable for 4 years old children at home, as those will be good source to answer lots of children’s questions. By reading them, they will know that books are one source to get the information they want to know. And this understanding will be a good basic for their further lesson in the later stage of education such as researching and writing.

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5 Book Types for 2 Years Old Children

Book is printed media we can introduce to children since early age. Giving books matches with children development stages can be a way to improve their development. On this posting, I will explain about book types that are suitable for 2 years old children. Here are 5 book types, I often choose for my 2 years old students, with reasons why the books are suitable for them :

  1. Book with interesting, large and colorful pictures. Two years old children learn more through their senses. One of the senses is sight sense. Colorful pictures will attract their sight sense.  When they are attracted, they would want to explore the book. Therefore, they can learn about things printed in the book. Example:

alphabet book

2. Interactive Books. These give 2 years old children opportunity to explore what they can do with their senses. There are kinds of interactive books. Here is the list:

  • Touch and feel books. Giving this kind of book, makes 2 years old children able to learn about textures by touching them. The picture in the book will add the fun. Therefore, their touching sense will be stimulated in fun way which later on makes 2 years old children memorize the textures easily.



  • Lift the flap books. Two years old children strive for independence. In this age, their physic have grown well. Therefore, they have been able to do gross motor skill activity steadier than before. This makes them want to explore things around them, not only by seeing but by touching as well. The lift and flap books can be used to fulfill the children’s need of exploring things. The book offers simple activity for them. They can open and close the flaps in it and find out what are behind the flaps. This simple activity can make them excited and want to do it over and over again.


  • Books require children to do activities, for example zipping or buttoning. Two years old children love imitating words or activities said or done by people around them. By giving the book that can accommodate this behavior, they will be pleased. This also can be a good practice before they can do the real thing.


  • Books with audio. These kind of books usually offer children story with audio whether it’s the sound of animals, the word’s pronunciation or songs. They usually love the sound because it’s attractive and entertaining. They also love following the sound comes out from the book. It can be a way for them to learn how to pronounce words well.

Baa bookphoto-34-e1376275980464-300x294

3. First words books. Two years old time is the time where children having language period sensitive. It means, their ability in absorbing language is in the peak time. They are in stage of sensitive to words. Therefore, it’s good if we give them books which can add their vocabularies. The themes can be vary such as things at the house, animals, plants, body parts, shapes, number, color, etc.

 My 100 First Words  Baby food


4. Story books. Story can help 2 years old children understand values that we want to teach to them. Choose story books which have more illustration than the story. So, children can understand the story that we read from the illustration as well. Pick themes relate with their daily life (such as about family, their favorite things, story related with themselves, etc) because they haven’t able to imagine things far away from them (haven’t able to think abstractly).

I love you through and throughI love my mommy35_where-is-babys-bellybutton

5. Books about daily life activities. These kind of books will make 2 years old children learn about things they can do. This can be a bridge before asking them to practice things they can do independently. Interesting pictures usually stimulate them to want to do the activities.


Those are the book types suitable for 2 years old children which are interesting for them and can be used to develop their abilities. There are two more tips related with books for them:

  1. For safety reason, pick the book made from thick paper such as cardboard. This kind of book will prevent children from being cut by the thin paper. Their hands are still delicate, so thin paper are still not suitable for them.
  2. Read the book for them. No matter how good the book is, it will be useless if we do not read for them. Yes, they can see the good pictures in the book, but without any explanation, those pictures won’t have any meaning for them. The book will give them knowledge only when they know what are inside the book. We are the one who is in charge in making the book meaningful and exciting for them. So, happy reading for your children 🙂

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Where’s Spot

Spot is a well known puppy character created by Eric Gordon Hill OBE ( 7 September 1927 – 6 June 2014). He was  a popular author and illustrator of children’s picture books. His works have been widely praised because the works have been contributed to children literacy.

Where's Spot

Where’s Spot was the first book of Spot series and had been created for his son, Christopher. In this book, the story begins when Mama Spot is looking for Spot, because it is Spot’s dinner time. She has searched everywhere, starting from; behind the door, in the clock, under the stairs, and so on, before she’s finally found Spot in the basket.

The story and the illustration are simple, yet they are very appealing especially for young readers. My experiences of teaching have shown me, that children from 1 up to 8 years old, love this book. They even want to read it again and again.

Using this book as a reading material has given children, in a wide range of age, different learning experiences. Children from 1 up to 3 years old enjoy doing the quest to look for Spot by lifting the flaps in the book. Through this activity, they learn about animal’s names, things and prepositions. Children from 4 up to 5 years old can read the story by themselves because there’s only one sentence in every pages with big font which is suitable and comforting for young readers eye.

Reading the book has given me fun moments with my students, because the illustrations and the type of the book make me want to create funny noises and voices such as; making the knock at the door sound and different kind of animal’s voices. These usually make my students entertained and wanted to do the same as I do. Even sometimes they create their own version of noises and voices. To make it more fun, I usually arrange my intonation as if I’m asking them to do a secret quest or urgent quest to look for Spot. By being creative and improvising the story, they usually get more excited, make them want to read and know more about the animals, also want to do the quest many times without getting bored. By doing this, they actually learn new words and understand prepositions without they realize it. So, they can have fun and learn at the same time. I think it’s a good way of learning for children.

That’s Where’s Spot book. A book with simple story and well illustrated picture, enjoyable for young children and also for adults (It can bring our inner child out. At least, it does for me 🙂 ). It’s  never boring to be read over and over. 🙂