Learning to Take Care of Pet by Playing Hatchimals

Animals are always fascinating for children. When they see animals, they would be eager to interact and pet the animals. Doing it is good thing for children as they can learn to love and treat other creature well. And this learning will be a good basic to develop the feeling of empathy to all living thing. Empathy is an important ability children have to learn and develop because it will make them able to understand and share the feelings of another. When they are able to do this, they will be able to interact and socialize well in the society. Knowing the importance of empathy, we have to give chance for children to learn it. Having pet is a great way for children to learn the empathy. However, letting children to take care of pet is not easy. Having pet requires responsibility and it’s something children need to learn too. To make them understand the responsibility of having pet is by doing simulation. It can be done by playing the toy which allow them to take care a pet as if it’s the real one such as Hatchimals.


Hatchimals Pengualas Pink/Magenta Egg

Hatchimals is a toy which comes in the form of egg. To be able to see the creature inside the egg, it must be hatched. To make it hatch, children have to love and care the egg by keeping it moving and rubbing it. It takes time (varied between 10 – 40 minutes) before it’s hatched. So, children have to be patience and keep interacting with the egg because if they do not do it, it won’t hatch.hatchimals-egg

Hatchimals Egg

Once the egg is hatched, the hatchimals will reveal itself. It will start the life from baby to toddler and the last to kid.


The Hatched Egg

To make the hatchimals grows and goes through each stage of life, children have to fulfill it’s need. The eyes will show different colors which tell different need, for example: purple needs feeding, orange needs to burp, and many more.


As the hatchimals grows from baby to toddler, children can teach it to walk, talk and dance. It will keep bringing out the new ability as long as children keep interacting and taking care of the hatchimals.

All the process above that children will have been gone through by playing the hatchimals, start from hatching the egg until growing and developing the hatchimals into kid, is kind of simulation of how to take care of pet. By doing the simulation they will able to learn that to take care a living creature they have to be patience, love and care the creature, and most importantly they need to pay attention of the creature needs -which these are the realization of empathy and being responsible of living creature- otherwise it won’t grow and develop well.

So, the experience of playing hatchimals will be a good basic for children to learn about the responsibility of taking care of pet. More over, which is the most important, they will learn how to be patience, love and being empathetic as taking care  of pet needs all of those.

Happy playing Hatchimals!  🙂

Ways to Make Children Engaged with Child’s Gadget

A Boy Plays HandphoneGadgets have become important thing in our life, including our children’s life. There are many children’s gadget available in the market. Those have been designed to be safe and suit with children’s need. Hence, there are times when our children want to use ours instead of theirs because they may think that ours are more exciting. When this happen, it takes lot of efforts from us to explain to children why they can’t use ours.


To avoid this kind of situation, there are ways to make our children really engaged with their gadgets. The ways are:

  1. Give our children their own gadget since the first time we introduce gadget to them.
 Fable 7 Children Tbt Wi fi  Hipstreet 7" 8GB Dual-core Tablet (pink0 (pack of 1Ea)

Child’s gadgets

By doing this, they won’t instinctively make comparison between their gadget and ours. We actually may have introduced gadget to our children since they are baby, not literally of course. But in daily life, we often use gadget in front of them, showing video, playing music, taking picture, etc. So they see and eventually know that gadget is a thing used daily. A one year old may have known that he can see video he likes from a mobile phone. He may point to it when he wants to see the video and may ask us to play it for them.  When our children start doing this, it’s about time to give their own gadget. Save all the videos and songs they like in it. As they grow older, save the games they can play only in their gadget too. Therefore, when they want to see the video, hear the songs, or play the games they like (only when they’ve grown older) they will use their own, not ours.

  1. Show them how interesting their gadget is by using the gadget in front of them.

Children are in the imitating stage. When they see how exciting we are using their gadget, they will love playing theirs and be as excited as we are. In order to do this, here what we can do:

  • Playing the children’s game. This action can be the example for children how to play the game. And this will make them see that we love playing their game. This will make them want to play the game as we do.
  • Watch child’s video in their gadget together! This will make our children feel proud of their gadget as we can only watch their favorite only in theirs.
  • Show how to use all the apps in our children’s gadget. For example: draw in kids drawing apps. This action will make children want to do the same as us. Ask them to make many creation. Praise their creations. It’s better if we print them and hang on the wall. This will make our children feel being appreciated and eventually be eager to make more creations.
  • Ask children to use the learning apps. Check their progress and praise for their achievement. This will make children know that we pay attention to their learning and feel encouraged to learn more by playing the educational games from their gadget.

Those are ways to make our children being engaged with their gadget. Therefore, they will want to use child’s gadget which are suitable and safe for them. Hence, those may work well for children under 5 years old. When they enter elementary school, there are other factors we have to consider about the kind of tablet children may use and how to stimulate children’s engagement with their gadget. Those will be discussed in the next posting.

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